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Creating custom art pieces infused with magical realism
to capture your moments and memories

Immerse Yourself in Extraordinary Artistry and Imagination

A man and his dog in front of some trees
A painting of fish swimming in the water.
A painting of four people standing next to each other.

Discover the compelling magic of custom artistry with Alfa Design LLC. Alfa’s art studio, currently based in Washington DC, provides innovative design solutions globally. Alfa's unique approach to art marries the world of photography and fine art, capturing the essence of your cherished memories in a transformative and unforgettable way.

A painting of a horse with long mane
A painting of a woman with dreadlocks and a star scarf.
A painting of the beach with seagulls flying in it.
A painting of a flower with yellow and pink petals.

Our Creative Concept

At Alfa Design LLC, we blend contemporary art techniques with a touch of magical realism. Utilizing acrylic paint, photography, rhinestones, and jewelry on canvas, we create custom portraits and designs that tell stories, evoke emotions, and add a touch of elegance to any space.

Our Artistic Services

Our offerings range from custom artwork of family and friends to pet portraits and nature scenes. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to craft and creativity, turning your favorite photos into memorable art that captures decisive moments.

Explore Our Artistic Creations

Delve into our gallery to witness the enchanting and mysterious art pieces that have been lovingly crafted by our artist. Each stroke, each embellishment, and each color palette is chosen with the intention of creating a powerful visual narrative.

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